About CORtracker

CORtracker is a leading software package that offers a wide array of customer, sales and inventory management tools, rolled into a single enterprise solution, for Electronic Component Distribution. It is encompassed by a staff of technical professionals who are dedicated to providing customers with cutting edge technologies such as .NET and Open Source while recommending the best business practices related to their industry. CORtracker runs with a unique ability using supply chain management systems in the background. The customer or user has the functionality to upload a large requirement list and CORtracker compares/cross-references that list to the inventory in your database. Inventory can be selected based on the client’s request by creating either one large multi-lined quote or multiple single quotes with minimal clicks. When dealing with multiple clients or partners, CORtracker has the ability to upload and save current and/or past customers, manufacturers and clients to maximize efficiency.

With CORtracker we make less trips to the warehouse, reporting adds convenience, consignment makes it easy, very user friendly. Each side of the house has different aspects that are more efficient now.

- John Cottenmyre, Evergreen Material Partners