User Management Features

You have the ability to manage your users, and give them the tools to customize their Home Page and stay in touch with their customers.


We have created over 10 base permissions for CORtracker.  You can show or hide information and functions on a per screen basis.  For example, things like Supplier names, Costs, Profits, Part Numbers, Customer, Supplier, Mfg names, prevent editing, adding, printing of documents, hide all or specific reports and then show only specific information on the report to specific users, and much more! However, you have the ability to copy one of the base roles to customize to your specifications.

Home Page Management

Customizable home page.  Every item and status in CORtracker can be viewed and managed from the home page.  Depending on your role in the company we have created default views.  If you need to see additional categories, you can customize your home page based on your job demands.   

Customer Relationship Module

Create a Note or follow-up from any quote or order screen.

Assign the follow up to yourself or to a member of your company.  The follow up will appear on their daily calendar and is permanently associated with the user and source screen.

With CORtracker we make less trips to the warehouse, reporting adds convenience, consignment makes it easy, very user friendly. Each side of the house has different aspects that are more efficient now.

- John Cottenmyre, Evergreen Material Partners