Product Management Features

The Product Detail Page, summarizing your business on one page.

The product detail page provides a detailed overview of current and historical product types such as: AVAILABILITY (Supplier Offers), STOCK and CONSIGNMENT and the related sales, purchasing, returns, customers, suppliers and manufacturers on a single page.  This page can be accessed from virtually any location in CORtracker with a single click.

From the product detail page the following product activity and information can be found, modified, deleted or added.

  •  Quantity On Hand (Q.O.H)
  •  Quantity Available to Sell (Q.A.S)
  •  Manufacturers and suppliers
  •  Contacts
  •  Up loadable documents and images
  •  D/C, Condition, Packaging, Lead time and RoHS
  •  Harmonized codes
  •  Product type – IC, Memory etc.
  •  Descriptions
  •  Costs – regular and landed (from receiving costs)
  •  Min sell, suggested sell
  •  Purchase Order
  •  Splits (consignment)
  •  Locations (Bin and Bin Extension)
  •  Lot numbers
  •  Received and updated dates
  •  Weights (lbs and kgs)
  •  Country of origin
  •  Internal notes
  •  Quarantine statuses - products can be quarantined with rules preventing the selling and shipping but still considered part of  your inventory counts.
  •  Logging – modification to sections are logged on a per user basis
With each release, we continually see CORtracker being updated to reflect the changing needs of the industry and someone always follows up after each release just to see how things are going.

- Kevin Duplisea, Infinity Components