Product Management Features

The Product Detail Page, summarizing your business on one page.

The product detail page provides a detailed overview of current and historical product types such as: AVAILABILITY (Supplier Offers), STOCK and CONSIGNMENT and the related sales, purchasing, returns, customers, suppliers and manufacturers on a single page.  This page can be accessed from virtually any location in CORtracker with a single click.

From the product detail page the following product activity and information can be found, modified, deleted or added.

  •  Quantity On Hand (Q.O.H)
  •  Quantity Available to Sell (Q.A.S)
  •  Manufacturers and suppliers
  •  Contacts
  •  Up loadable documents and images
  •  D/C, Condition, Packaging, Lead time and RoHS
  •  Harmonized codes
  •  Product type – IC, Memory etc.
  •  Descriptions
  •  Costs – regular and landed (from receiving costs)
  •  Min sell, suggested sell
  •  Purchase Order
  •  Splits (consignment)
  •  Locations (Bin and Bin Extension)
  •  Lot numbers
  •  Received and updated dates
  •  Weights (lbs and kgs)
  •  Country of origin
  •  Internal notes
  •  Quarantine statuses - products can be quarantined with rules preventing the selling and shipping but still considered part of  your inventory counts.
  •  Logging – modification to sections are logged on a per user basis
CORtracker is a scaleable solution for anyone, from a two-person operation up to a large corporation. They made the transition to CORtracker seamless for us.

- Greg Tashjian, Inventory Management Partners