Purchasing Features

For the Purchasing side of your business CORtracker includes the following documents.

Documents can be easily created and automatically or manually linked with images, part numbers and data sheets creating a chain that keeps you organized and shows your customers and suppliers you have the organization, accountability, and follow through to earn their trust and business.

  • All documents can be managed from the home page, printed and emailed from the system. 
  • Emailing and Printing – Emailed documents can be sent in .pdf, html, or text formats.  Two printer versions are available, Internal and External.
  • Required Fields – options so that no field is ever left blank, increasing the speed and accuracy of your sales and purchasing, translating into increased revenue and customer satisfaction. 
  • Requirement and Source Matching – CORtracker compares and matches the customer criterion with the sources you have found.
  • Multiple Currency – Sales and purchasing documents can also be created with multiple currencies.  VAT is supported.
  • Multi Sourcing – search for and associate inventory sources from supplier availabilities (offers) or from your own stock and consignment sources.
  • Auto Calculations – calculations such as estimated profits, estimated shipping, account balances, costs, and consignment splits (per line and total) are provided on each document.
  • Copy – Documents can be copied regardless of status saving time in recreating multiple lined documents.
  • Drop Ship Addresses – allows for shipping addresses other than the customer’s to be searched on and selected.
  • Multiple contacts, sales, and purchasing reps can be assigned to each document.
  • Multiple print and email footers can be selected on a per document basis.
  • Logging – changes to document on a per user basis are logged and viewable on the document.
  • Printing and emailing Internal and External prints.
  • Commission splits for reps can be assigned to each document.
  • Product images can be viewed as a slideshow or individually.
  • Account information – account numbers, alias, dba.
  • Manager Approval – sales and purchasing documents can require manager approval based on options set in the administration section.   Documents requiring manager approval are positioned on the manager’s home page for review and approval.


Optional Module: Broadcast Supplier Request For Quote (B.SRFQ)

When requesting a quote for availabiliity from multiple suppliers at once, the B.SRFQ module pulls over the customer requirement information from the associated customer requirement (CRFQ) or Quote and can be emailed as .pdf or html to multiple suppliers.   The following information can be edited before submitting to the supplier.

  • Requested Qty
  • Requested Price
  • Currency
  • Terms
  • Mfg
  • Mfg P/N
  • Description
  • D/C
  • Condition
  • Packaging
  • Lead Time
  • RoHS requirements

When the supplier responds to your emails with their offers, the offers can be entered on the B.SRFQ with the option to add them as availability in your database with a single click.

With CORtracker we make less trips to the warehouse, reporting adds convenience, consignment makes it easy, very user friendly. Each side of the house has different aspects that are more efficient now.

- John Cottenmyre, Evergreen Material Partners