Warehouse Features

Warehouse Features give you control over all your shipping, receiving and inventory management.

Warehouse doucments that keep your warehouse process organized and accountable and improving your bottom line!

Receiving Tickets

  • Comprehensive receiving process where the following information can be entered and captured on our customized quality report containing over 50 points of information!
    • Image upload
    • Document upload
    • Ship methods
    • Ship costs
    • Tracking numbers
    • Weight – kg and lb
    • Harmonized codes
    • Country of Origin
    • ECCN
    • Supplier  Invoices – record supplier invoice number, amount and date invoice received
    • Received date
  • Comprehensive functionality and flexibility
    • Vendor returns
    • Quality report
    • Quarantine,
    • Add Stock destination
    • Quarantine parts
    • Specify Bin locations

Packaging Tickets

  • Comprehensive packaging allows you to capture the following.
    • Qty to package and number of boxes to package and ship
    • Product type
    • Harmonized codes
    • Weight – kg and lb
    • ECCN
    • VAT
    • Ship Methods
    • Ship accounts
    • Country of Origin
    • Qty to package

Pick Tickets

Restock Tickets

With each release, we continually see CORtracker being updated to reflect the changing needs of the industry and someone always follows up after each release just to see how things are going.

- Kevin Duplisea, Infinity Components